COVID-19 Safety Plan

EnviroPrint Australia notice to customers, suppliers and associates

In line with our existing Work Health and Safety Infection Control Procedures, EnviroPrint Australia has put into practice arrangements to best protect our staff, visitors, clients and others with whom we come into contact, whilst maintaining our high level of service and reliability in delivering quality products to our clients.

EnviroPrint Australia’s registered office and warehouse facility is at one location in Milperra. Our management team perform their jobs remotely. Peter and Jo will continue to keep in touch by phone and email, with face-to-face meetings arranged by appointment.

• All personnel should follow correct infection control procedures including the use of hand sanitiser, wearing face masks, resisting personal contact with others by social distancing, and using alternative communication methods such as online meetings where possible.
• Any person or team member who have any reason to believe that they may be in a high risk of infection category (recent travel to high risk areas, contact with infected person etc) is to report to management, and may be requested to self-isolate and/or seek medical attention according to statutory guidelines.
• Any person or team member displaying cold/flu symptoms is requested to seek immediate medical attention and self-isolate as appropriate with statutory guidelines.
• Any person or team member who will be visiting clients, suppliers, or making deliveries is expected to follow the same standard of hygiene whilst off-site.
• Only pre-organised and authorised business visitors that do not display cold/flu symptoms will be permitted entry to our homes, the registered office or warehouse.

EnviroPrint Australia is determined to continue providing our customers, partners and beneficiaries with the products and services for which we are relied upon . We will source suitable providers through our network where necessary. These precautionary measures have been taken to limit the potential spread of the virus. In addition, we are working with our suppliers to ensure they have appropriate procedures in place.

As the medical knowledge regarding Coronavirus evolves, we expect that medical and statutory requirements and recommendations will change, and our procedures will be amended accordingly.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your organisation’s delivery requirements over the course of the pandemic. You can update your details here.

Please be safe and stay healthy.