Environmental Policy

Enviroprint Australia Pty Ltd is committed to providing high quality sustainable printing and marketing options, for Australian environmental, conservation, heritage or charitable organisations. Internally we promote and encourage the development of economical, environmentally responsible production techniques and work practices. Externally we support the environmental initiatives and requests of our customers; and support the community through our innovative beneficiary program.

We will keep abreast of environmental good practice and comply with the applicable environmental legislation standards, industry codes of practice and procedures that we subscribe to. Documented policies and procedures control aspects of resource use, pollution reduction, waste management, energy consumption, recycling plus employee training and involvement. Through recording and monitoring our results we shall set new objectives and targets for continual Improvement in these business aspects. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is continually evolving and is based on the principals of ISO14001.

EnviroPrint Australia is dedicated to the following policies, commitments and strategies for continual improvement:

• We will raise awareness, at all levels of our organisation, with our customers and suppliers to encourage participation and recognition of the importance individuals can make in changing our attitudes for the betterment of our combined futures.

• We will develop and encourage networks of “like-minded” organisations and individuals to work together in promoting conservation initiatives, caring and loyalty.

• We will develop and implement marketing and sales strategies for environmental goods and services, led by our innovative beneficiary program.

• We will combine environmental management responsibilities with other regulatory responsibilities, such as quality and work health and safety.

• We seek to promote Australian made products that offer competitive pricing and match or exceed our quality standards. We will endeavour to ensure that papers purchased for use are at a minimum ISO14001 Environmentally Accredited, and will not knowingly purchase papers that originate in endangered forest regions. Carbon neutral papers or those endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be given preference wherever possible.

• We will monitor emerging technology that gives benefits to the environment and product quality for inclusion in the improvement of our work practices.

• We aim to conserve resources and reduce the amount of items reaching landfill through recycling, reuse and repair.

• We are committed to the prevention of pollution and will ensure that all personnel are adequately trained to ensure efficient incident response.

• We are committed to waste minimisation and will ensure that all personnel are adequately trained in the appropriate use of raw materials to conserve natural resources.

The management team of EnviroPrint Australia is responsible for ensuring that this policy is reviewed regularly and communicated and adhered to by all employees and subcontractors.

Peter Marsh

EnviroPrint Australia Pty Ltd
16th November 2016