Threatened Species Day

Commemorates the date the world’s largest joey-carrying carnivore species of modern times, the Thylacine, was declared extinct on 7th September 1936. Commonly known as the “Tasmanian Tiger”, this iconic species is renowned world-wide and symbolises the devastating impact that humans have on the survival of other species.

National Threatened Species Day is celebrated across the country to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction and to highlight the amazing work that is being done by many individuals and organisations to save them.

National Threatened Species Day is a commemoration of loss and a celebration of success.

EnviroPrint Australia is proud to have joined forces with the Zoo Aquarium Association and to represent Save the Bilby Fund. We also provide community awareness of the many organisations we assist and distribute printed collateral and children’s activity sheets to the public at the annual Sydney city event.


“Australia is lucky to have some of the most beautiful and unique creatures in the world. All living things – plants and animals (including people), are part of a complex, delicately balanced network called the biosphere.

The removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting many others. The full significance of extinction on the world is difficult to predict, but it affects us all.

Extinction is no longer a ‘natural’ process, most often it is a direct result of human activity. Every creature has a right to exist. Our challenge is to make sure they do.”

Joanne Johnstone

Director, EnviroPrint Australia