Crossword Competition

Face The Challenge Crossword Competition 2017

Complete the crossword to discover amazing things about the web of life and the natural environment that you might not know. Learn from the organisations that work hard to protect, conserve and improve biodiversity both within Australia and across the world this September in…

Easter Bilby Colouring Competition

Easter Bilby Colouring Competition Entry Form 2017

2017 COMPETITION IS CLOSED, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!   If you live in Australia and are under the age of 13, this Face The Challenge Competition is for YOU! Download the entry form and read the full competition terms and conditions. Colour in or…

Australia a Beautiful Home to Share

Australia a beautiful home to share

Australia Day is held on 26th January every year. Rather than making this celebration focus on people, which causes grief to some ….Can we please make Australia Day a celebration of our natural areas and incredible native wildlife? EnviroPrint Australia works with fantastic Australian…

Form 1 Planet

A better future

Every creature has a right to exist. Our challenge is to make sure they do.

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