Fundraising Campaigns

When you really want to grab attention…

Thanking your network by sending targeted physical direct mailing provides them with a personal connection, something they can hold, keep and share. It’s more likely to be read at a time of their choice, and proudly stands out from other items in the letterbox as an item to be opened.

Plus, importantly, your story is read, and direct mail provides readers with the means for their response: perhaps a reply paid envelope, coupon, application form or website link.

Printed Direct Mailing Campaigns
really deliver results!

EnviroPrint Australia can help you with an organised approach combining intelligent planning, cost effective implementation and analysis of response. We print using environmentally considerate methods onto sustainably sourced or recycled papers with a range of options for envelopes and inserts.

PreSort Letters | Promo Post | Charity Mail | Impact Mail

If you’re seeking cost saving options for your end of financial year fundraising campaign, or promotional mailing for your organisation. We can help you fit your budget, maximise return on investment and gather supporters. Let’s talk!